Stanislav Termosa

Stanislav Termosa

Stanislav Termosa


About Me.

Software Engineer & Consultant

Young and expirenced Software Developer passionate about solving different kind of business problems.

Out of duty I'm helping in organization one of the biggest IT conferences in Ukraine, volunteering for orphanages in Kharkiv, learning foreign languages, helping others to learn programming and coding several Open Source projects.

Personal Information

  • NameStanislav Termosa
  • Age25 Years
  • ResidenceUkraine, Europe
  • Phone(+380) 67 795 6929


Cross-Platform Code

Developing web applications, and native and hybrid mobile applications.


Writing code that respects rights and permissions.


Part-time support of dev-teams or product validation on the client-side.


Building applications in Ethereum and IPFS networks.


Analyzing the audience and application resources to improve conversion.


Creating interfaces that are accessible to people with disabilities.


Imrpoving performance of web applications for better user experience.


Working in different fields and all timezones, available for business trips.

My Resume.


  • Software Engineer

    BanQu, World-Wide

    Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, Vault Project, AWS, NodeJS, React

    Now 2018
  • Senior Consultant

    Nyvara Software, USA

    Complete UI refactoring of an analytics app using VueJS and new build and testing tools. Taught the team new technology stack. Implement a service in NodeJS to manage the farm of Headless Chrome instances and develop a UI application to control the farm. Create configurable Chrome extension to track changes on the page and user actions.

    2018 2017
  • Web Dev Coach

    Hillel IT School, Ukraine

    Growing new talents

    2017 2017
  • Remote Front-End Developer

    UpStack, Romania

    jQuery, AngularJS, Gulp, Git, SVN, Karma, eslint, Google Maps, Adobe Analytics

    2016 2015
  • JavaScript Developer, Ukraine

    AngularJS, Ionic, MithrilJS, jQuery, React, Redux, Webpack, Rails, Analytic tools

    2016 2015
  • Software Engineer

    CodeTiburon, Ukraine

    CodeTiburon is a small and very tight-knit company of professionals. Its friendly and supportive environment makes the teamwork efficient and pleasant. Glad that I could be part of such an inspirational team.

    2015 2013
  • Full Stack Designer

    Mobizon, Ukraine

    Working on the CRM to manage a big amount of subscribers and mailing them within SMS and E-mail. The most significant improvement that I have done at the project is the proxy component that automatically optimizes and improves reliability for all requests to the database.

    My stack at this project: Yii, ExtJS, PHPUnit, Phing, Java & Selenium, Percona, haproxy.

    2013 2013
  • Web Designer


    Yii, WordPress, MySQL

    2013 2012
  • Lead Web Designer

    Cabinet, Ukraine

    WordPress, MySQL

    2012 2012
  • Web Designer

    Pixel Press, Canada

    WordPress, MySQL

    2011 2011
  • Junior PHP Developer

    Prostoy Business, Russia

    Zend PHP Framework, MySQL

    2011 2011


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Ukraine, Europe
(+380) 67 795 6929